Joseph Collins The ML King Jr. of Wall Street Requires Financial Empowerment

As amongst only black CEOs of publicly traded business, Punch Television Production Studios, CEO Joseph Collins released his business’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) in June 2016. Projections now estimate the business will make more than half a billion dollars in yearly income by year four after the IPO.

Joseph Collins is following up a vastly profitable 2016, by continuing to redefine both the media, and Wall St. itself. Highlighting his dream to be both of interest and accessible to the normal American, Punch Television Studios’ opening rate is only $1 per share.

Initial buyers are rallying around Punch TV Production Studios' capacity to level the playing field through incorporating the urban sector in the investment method that traditionally would be unattainable. Collins has acquired popular support from all around the country for this alternatively unconventional Wall Street solution. Intended to extend doors to financial prosperity and jobs for individuals of the urban group, the accessibility to acquire stocks was a deliberate attempt to attract the ‘average American’ and to incorporate them in this monumental chance to be apart of Wall Street.

Punch TV Production Studios is the sole publicly traded media enterprise supplying such an impartial view of latest affairs, and it is basically considered to be the ‘unfiltered voice of the masses.’

The achievements of the company has led a lot to refer to Collins as the ‘MLK of Wall St.,’ but while he's generating clear intentions on Wall Street, his interest continues to be focused on supplying an uncensored and concrete reality. Punch Television Studios has presented insights into police brutality, gang violence, and economic disparity, and continues read more to enlighten and teach, in the course of what are trying times.

Addressing in an interview ahead of February’s ‘Black History Month,’ Collins explained “Punch TV Studios is the only publicly traded media company that can provide the raw, unaltered voice of the people.”

“At a time when our country is deeply divided, we feel that having an unbiased media platform is both unique and essential.” He added, “Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor political nor popular, but his conscious tells him it is right.”
“MLK’s desire is now being recognized. It really is time for us to establish our own economic power. We should no longer sit about and wait for anyone to supply these things to us. Now we have to make employment for our millenials. Now we have to raise a generation that is focused on home ownership and entrepreneurship. That's the only way to build generational prosperity within the Black community.”

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Punch TV Global Media Studios was established by CEO, Joseph Collins, as a production company that develops new media content material for license and distribution around the globe. Punch Tv Global website Media Studios is the first and only corporation that is providing an IPO focused directly to the urban market to bring wealth and Work for the city community.
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